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Top Kitchen Colors for 2022 Cutting Across Styles and Designs

There are many top design and decorating trends that are making big waves at the start of 2022. Yet, for most homeowners, the very idea of a kitchen makeover or smart renovation inevitably involves a change in color scheme as well. For those who are not too fussed about altering the features or ergonomics of the kitchen, a simple switch of colors is all that is needed to enliven the space. And there is no better time than the arrival of the New Year to make this switch. Th holiday season rush is all but gone by this point of time and often you are searching for ways in which you can utilize the additional free time without missing the good times. What better way to do this than to drape the kitchen in the trendiest colors of 2022!

Brilliant blend of green and black inside stylish New York kitchen - A combination of two popular hues
Brilliant blend of green and black inside stylish New York kitchen – A combination of two popular hues [From: juliec hatelain]

Trendiest colors for the next 12 months are those that largely borrow from the trends of second half of 2021 and it is barely a surprise that they combine calming backdrops with bright hues and smart color combinations. Some will leave you surprised while others have already been touted widely as the defining colors of 2022. Whether you are looking to re-paint the kitchen cabinets or give the kitchen backdrop a fresh, new look, these are the colors you just cannot miss. This is a look at the 5 top kitchen colors of 2022 –

Green is Definitely IN!

Color of the season, no matter who you talk to, different shades of green are absolutely welcome in the kitchen this year. Unlike blue and yellow, green has not always been a popular color in the kitchen. It is often relegated to more traditional styles and yet, this year is going to see the brilliant use of green even in modern and contemporary spaces. Green kitchens feel elegant and dashing with lighter tones and shades that have white, cream or gray mixed into them being the most popular. From October mist to Evergreen Fog, the choices are both trendy and endless…

Try out different shades of green in the kitchen this year
Green coupled with white is a fun combination that is easy to work with in the kitchen
Green coupled with wood in the stylish modern kitchen
Small modern kitchen with dark green cabinets and a green background [From: Zarkua Anastasia]

Away from White and Embracing Black

Even if you are not an avid design aficionado, you would have noticed the huge popularity of white and wood in the kitchen. In fact, white and wood color scheme has taken over living rooms and bedrooms as well in homes across the globe. But 2022 is bound to see a shift away from all the overload of white and in the kitchen, it will be black backdrops and black appliances that would be the most popular. If you love black, then now is the time to try it out in the kitchen!

Chalkboard walls and appliances bring black to this wood and white kitchen [From: Modern Age Kitchens & Joinery]
Move away from an overload of white in the modern kitchen [From: JSE Interior Design]
Black brings certain class and sophistication to the kitchen [From: GDL Property]

Eye-Catching Rich Blues

Yes, you are right to believe that there is nothing dramatically new about blue being a trendy color in the kitchen. But that does not mean it needs to be bumped off of the trends chart and deep, rich blues are set to make a big impact in kitchens this year as well. Instead of lighter and more muted shades of blue, try jewel-toned hues, deep blue, peacock blue, cobalt and lighter hues of velvet in the kitchen this time around. Even if you have a kitchen draped in neutral hues, a kitchen island in deep blue is bound to create plenty of visual impact while leaving rets of the space undisturbed.

Love the balance between use of color and natural light in this small eclectic kitchen [From: Unique Homestays]
White, wood and deep blue modern kitchen with a practical island at its heart [From: Chapter Eight Design]
Backsplash with vertical tile pattern in blue is perfect for the trendy modern, neutral kitchen [From: Anna Koroleva]

Trendy Two-Tone kitchens

This might not be a particular color, but two-tone kitchens are a good idea to embrace as you move away from your old kitchen and think about trying something new. And you need not religiously stick to just two-tones in the kitchen alone and adding a third color is always welcome in here. Two-tone cabinets are also popular and adding them to the modern kitchen easily alters its ambiance.

Two-tone kitchens are a hot trend that refuse to die down anytime soon
Stylish Two-tone look for the kitchen cabinets in gray and orange

Beautiful Yellow Kitchens

Finally, there is yellow – a color that is not always hugely popular and yet makes a big difference to any kitchen that it adorns. Even a hint of yellow in the modern neutral kitchen enlivens the spaces almost instantly and the color also works well with styles like Mediterranean, traditional or even farmhouse. Give yellow a shot in the kitchen if you are bored with the usual array of blues and greens.

Textured yellow walls coupled with red and green countertops in the kitchen [From: Dewson Construction Company]
Polished contemporary kitchen in white and yellow with a gorgeous built-in niche [From: Hanna Tunemar Inredare & Stylist]
Sherry Nothingam
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