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5 More Top Kitchen Decorating Trends to Embrace in the New Year!

Home decorating means different things for all of us. Some prefer to go with the flow and are much more willing to readily embrace trending patterns, ideas and hues. Others tend to be far more circumspect before diving into what they believe could end by being a fleeting trend. No matter which side of this redecorating fence you sit on, it goes without saying that the turn of year is one of the best times to give your home a lovely new makeover. Even if you are not planning something exhaustive, it does not hurt to browse through the trends that will shape home design across the globe for the next 12 months. And if you really fall in love with something in there, there is plenty of time to add it to your home!

It is hard to miss the innovative and captivating kitche sialnd in here!
It is hard to miss the innovative and captivating kitchen island in here! [From: Mercury Mosaics and Tile]

Having already shared with our readers fabulous kitchen trends that would be popular this year, we are back today with 5 more kitchen decorating ideas that are equally fashionable, chic and easy to embrace. They move beyond the more apparent (and for good reason) ideas like the popularity of green in kitchens and open shelving to functional, design features that promise to make a big difference in the kitchen with minimal tweaks. Pick and choose the ones that work in your own home for a beautiful and ergonomic kitchen that becomes the heart of your dream home.

Versatile Kitchen Spaces

Long gone are the days when kitchen was a space just to cook food. Modern kitchens are an extension of the living area and the dining room. They are a place to serve food, enjoy quality family time and a setting where everyone can interact and share their thoughts after a long day. Of course, a global pandemic has expedited this further with the new kitchen spaces becoming even more versatile and adaptable. From the classic eat-in kitchen to the kitchen with workstation and ones that also look over the play area next to it – there are plenty of ways in which the traditional kitchen is being used for multiple tasks. This is only going to grow further as a norm in 2022.

Finding space to do a whole lot more in the modern kitchen [From: Drury Design]
Eat-in kitchen with some space for the kids’ play area as well!
Make way for a functional home workspace in the modern kitchen [From: Kitchen Views at National]

One with the Living Room

We already talked about the kitchen being an extension of the living area in an open-plan setting from a functional viewpoint. We take that a step further with the aesthetics as well as kitchens now are embracing open shelves, closed cabinets and other storage units that borrow from living room shelving. Modular units that look equally chic in both the spaces create a unifying element with neutral backdrops and similar accent hues shaping one continuous, large space with common style. As always, lighting, area rugs and multi-level design plans can help delineate space in here.

Open plan living spaces have dramatically altered kitchen aesthetics
Most modern kitchens are now a natural extension of the living and dining areas

Influenced by Nature

This is one decorating and design trend that you will notice across styles and rooms for a long time ahead with homeowners veering towards green in more ways than one. Indoor plants, herb gardens in the kitchen and a visual connection with the garden outside are all great ways to usher green into the living room. This is much more than just about finding that ‘lost connection’ with nature again. Homeowners want a healthier and fresher interior that has improved air quality and once again, two years of unyielding pandemic has had a big impact on this trend.

Ingenious kitchen island incorporates greenery into its design [From: Smith & Ragsdale Interior Design]
Use small planters and the window to add greenery to the kitchen
Few things add freshness and cheer to a kitchen like flowering plants and an herb garden [From: Jennifer Ashton Interiors]

Stunningly Beautiful Kitchen Islands

Not too keen on introducing bold colors into your kitchen and altering the backdrop? Not to worry as you can still keep the modern white background in the kitchen unaltered while ushering a brilliant splash of gorgeous color using a captivating central island! Bold and eye-catching kitchen islands are expected to make a bigger impact in kitchens this year. From emerald green to burgundy and dashing yellow; choose your preferred color and get started.

Stunningly beautiful island offers a great way to usher in trendy green in a neutral space [From: Bartelt remodel]
Twin kitchen islands in blue with white countertops are just perfect for this modern farmhouse style kitchen
Classy yet colorful kitchen island in bluish-gray steals the spotlight in here [From: Tamara Rene Designs]

Banquettes and Pantries

There was a time when banquettes were a thing of the past – a relic of the 80’s and the 90’s that hade absolutely no place as we headed into the new millennium. And like with everything else from that period, floral patterns, bright colors, bold designs and curvy décor, banquettes are once again back with a bang! They play very well with the image of a social kitchen that brings everyone together, utilize space in a smart manner and also add a touch of nostalgia to the modern kitchen.

Colorful seating of the banquette enlivens this traditional kitchen
Banquette in the kitchen corner utilizes forgotten space even as the window brings in natural light

Another feature that has found resurgence in the age of a pandemic that is keeping people indoors for long periods of time, the pantry is once again a much-requested feature in kitchen design. Tucking away your supplies and de-cluttering the kitchen, even a small, organized pantry make a big difference. And in 2022, kitchens with dedicated pantries is going to be much more common.

Small, space-savvy kitchen pantries help organize your home much better
Pick a pantry for your kitchen that meets your exact needs [From: NJR Studios]
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