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Offbeat Decorating Ideas for Every Room of your Home: Quirky Delights!

Colors, styles and themes – the plethora of choices and endless guides that tell you how to decorate, what to pick currently and what to discard. The world of design and decorating can get a bit tedious at times! Anyone shopping for a new home or thinking about a major home renovation will vouch for this and often we are so busy in making these choices and getting things absolutely spot on that we tend to forget about enjoying it all! At the end of the day, decorating your home should b a liberating and fun experience that allows one to express themselves. As the all too famous quote goes, “why so serious?”

Stunning spa-inspired bathroom brings many different natural elements together

That is why we decided to move away from the usual trope of ideas today and share with you some quirky decorating inspirations that will bring a bit of ‘eclectic charm’ to your home. We have made one pick for each room of the house and these choices are a touch offbeat and yet not so far out there that they are hard to get or just plain weird. Be it the modern living room or functional kitchen, the relaxing bedroom or the family dining space, here are some great, unconventional ideas to enliven your home in the New Year –

In the Living Room

We start with the living room and while it is easy to think about eccentric art work and delightful, expensive area rugs with plenty of flair for this space, we suggest you take a much more affordable and bohemian route with an old trunk turned into coffee table. These smart pieces add contrast and color to the modern living room, usher in a hint of personality and also allow you to reclaim a part of your past with style. Add to this a brilliant, colorful couch (if you want something even more eye-catching) and you are all set for a living space that is a great conversation starter!

Both coffee table and accent pillows add a touch of green to this white living space [From: Built Custom Homes]
Beautiful modern beach style living room with a vintage trunk turned into coffee table [From: Kate Jackson Design]
Gorgeous and eye-catching couches are a must-try in the offbeat living space [From: Adeas Interior Design]
Brilliant chouch in blue adds vivacious charm to this greenery filled living room
Brilliant couch in blue adds vivacious charm to this greenery filled living room [From: Crystal Blackshaw Interiors]

For the Kitchen

In the kitchen, we have two finishes that are bound to turn heads and give your current kitchen an instant aesthetic upgrade – copper and onyx. With copper, you can try a metallic backsplash, a smart and unique countertop for the central island or even just a couple of fittings along with cabinet handles in the metal. Onyx on the other hand is much more spectacular and with the right back-lit presence, it can become the most captivating feature of your home this year.

Custom copper kitchen island countertop sparkles in this kitchen [From: Treyone]
Give onyx kitchen countertops and backsplashes a shot in the kitchen
Awesome copper island and backsplash take love for the metal to a different level altogether!

Bedroom’s Focal Point

We have always believed that when it comes to the bedroom, its biggest feature must not be too far away from the most obvious piece of décor in there – the bed, of course. That is why we are in love with this wonderful trend of DIY headboards and more so those that repurposed old window shutters into fabulous, one-of-a-kind headboards. Colorful, woodsy and definitely inimitable, adding one to your bedroom will completely alter its dynamics and is bound to give it a more eclectic aura.

Brilliant shutter headboard in yellow is perfect for DIY lovers
Repurposed window shutters turned into a lovely DIY headboard
Old window shutter turned into a lovely headboard in this small bedroom [From: Amy Bartlam Photography]

Dine with a Difference

Natural, wood, glass and epoxy resin – this is a combination that is currently giving birth to some of the most audacious and popular dining tables and coffee tables across the world. These amazing dining tables come in a wide range of sizes and finishes and some even incorporate shells and stones into their surface! Its just amazing to see one of these in person and you can rest assured that your guests will be completely wowed next time they come for your weekend party.

Live edge and glass dining table is a must-try offbeat addition in the dining space [From: Black Canyon Woodworks]
Unique Live edge Maple dining table filled with shells and rock and covered with epoxy resin [From: Wane + Finch]
Blue Rectangular Resin Table with natural wood inspired by the oceans [From: diyalightingstudio]

An indulgent Bath

The spa-styled bathroom is the one everyone wants in their home these days, irrespective of its size and connectivity with the outdoors. And one great way to bring in this aesthetic experience apart from the more basic additions like the freestanding bathtub, a neutral color palette and lovely ambient lighting is natural river stones and pebbles. Place them around the bathtub, maybe in the small corner next to the shower areas or even under the vanity countertop!

Beautiful use of pebble stones in the bathroom gives it a much more relaxing, natural vibe
Natural river pebbles illuminated beautifully become a part of this gorgeous bathroom vanity [From: Assemblage Studio]
Sherry Nothingam
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